The Biomedica abides the Open Access policy and provides the scientific information to the readers immediately after publication over the internet without any cost and allow them to read, download, copy, print and cite all or any published articles by giving the copyright to the original author(s) under Creative Commons Attribute License.

Being a non-funded organization, The Biomedica has to look after the publication associated expenditures including editorial review process, proof reading, copy editing, formatting, lay-outing, production in different formats (PDF and HTML), online archiving, permanent linking, collaborations with abstracting & indexing services, and customer services. Since The Biomedica follows Open Access model and readers does not charged with any subscription amount, it is essential to collect the Article Processing Charges (APC) from the authors to cover all these expenditures and provide an unrestricted access to the readers. The Biomedica does not charge additional amount for word count or colored figures. However, if the manuscript needs extensive editing and proofing services, then the author needs to pay an additional charge. The APCs charged by The Biomedica are excluding the taxes and authors need to bear the tax amounts as per their country policies, if any are applicable during the payment process.

The authors will be asked to check the APCs and publications terms during the submission process and without agreeing the terms, the submission process will not be successful. The authors need to pay the required APCs only upon successful editorial acceptance of the submitted article in peer review process. Any requests related to the discounts/waivers in APC amount should be made at the time of the submission only and requests after acceptance of the article will not be considered. The discounts and waivers will be provided on the basis of article quality, funding status of the author(s) and prior requests. The authors are always free to withdraw their submission before the peer review process begins.

To ensure the quality and availability of permanent resources and provide best service to the authors as well as the community, The Biomedica charges 1200 USD as Article Processing Charge for each accepted article. This amount is payable by the authors or respective institutes upon receiving the invoice with payment due. The Article Processing Charges remain same for all the Open Access journals of The Biomedica.