The Biomedica, being an open access publisher, follows certain policies and style guide to meet the publication standards. Before making a submission, authors are informed to go through our “Open Access Policy”, “Publication Ethics”, “Privacy Policy” and “Terms & Conditions” to get familiarize with The Biomedica’s publication procedures and policies. Here by, all the authors are asked to follow the same, so that The Biomedica can process the articles with an ease.

The following are the general guidelines to prepare the manuscript in accordance with the style guide of The Biomedica:

General Guidelines:

The Biomedica urges its authors to submit the articles in English language only (including cited references). It is also instructed the authors to submit their manuscripts either in MS Word or PDF formats only.

The manuscript should be formatted with Times New Roman font and a font size of 11 points. All the headings, sub-headings, sub sub-headings, figure & table legends must be highlighted from the body text with appropriate font sizes and font faces according to the hierarchy.

All the sections like Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements, References, Tables, Figures and Legends should be arranged in the same order by giving the page numbers starting from Title page. Along with the manuscript, a cover letter should be submitted.

The Biomedica follows Vancouver Referencing Style and all the authors need to follow the same. Citations in the body text must be represented with Arabic numbers in square braces only. Ex.: “The author [2]…”, “has been identified [5,6]…”, etc. All the bottom references must be cited in the body text in chronological order and no reference should be repeated.

Preparation of Manuscript:

  • A cover letter should be submitted with complete communication details including mailing address of the corresponding author along with the list of contributors, their affiliations, contact details and a declaration of submission and conflict of interests (if any).
  • Title page should include the article’s full title, running title, author(s) info, keywords, disclosures, acknowledgements and funding source details (if any).
  • Abstract page should have a full title of the article and an informative abstract which should not exceed 250 words.
  • Body text should be appended as structural information in IMRaD format only.
  • References should be provided by authors in Standard Vancouver Style only. While using Vancouver style, authors should use “six authors, et al.” format with shortened end page numbers. To get familiarize with the Vancouver style for different resources, the authors may visit the Standards of Vancouver page.
  • Authors need to pay attention while citing the references as The Biomedica accepts only published resources to be cited in the manuscripts.
  • Tables should be given in separate MS Word document with editable text and legends.
  • Figures may include illustrations, images, pictures and photos which should be submitted either in JPG, PNG, TIFF or EPS formats with at least 300 dpi resolutions. Figure legends should be submitted as a separate document.
  • Supplementary data, if any should be submitted in a separate file.
  • It is mandatory to take ethical approvals from institutional review boards and written consent from the patients by authors if they are submitting any case reports or manuscripts with clinical trial experiments and disclosure of patients’ details.

Article Processing Charges:

Since The Biomedica is an Open Access publisher, the authors of the accepted articles should pay the Article Processing Charges to publish their articles online and to cover the publication expenditures. The authors are advised to visit the “Article Processing Charges” page to know more details. However, authors need not to pay any fee for submitting the articles to The Biomedica.