Peer review is the process to evaluate the quality of scientific literature submitted by the authors. The process involves the experts in the same field for better assessment of the work done. Peer review process plays a key role in open access publication model and it is essential to maintain the publication standards of the journal and to provide the best output to the scientific community.

The Biomedica abides by the peer review standards in order to serve the scientific community in a best way with the help of eminent editorial board members and world-class peer reviewers. For the best practice, The Biomedica follows “Single Blinded Peer Review Process”. The peer review process by The Biomedica involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Review & Plagiarism Check
  2. Editorial Review Process
  3. Reviewer Recommendations & Revisions
  4. Final Decision
  5. Production & Publication

Initial Review & Plagiarism Check

Once after receiving the manuscript from the authors, editorial team of The Biomedica performs a quick quality check process on the manuscript to analyze the scope, topic novelty and plagiarism percentages. If any discrepancies are found, the article will be reverted to the author and asked for the required changes.

Editorial Review Process

Once the editorial office satisfies with the initial review of the manuscript, the article will be assigned to an eminent editorial board member by the editor to perform a peer review process. The assigned editorial board member/handling editor should appoint external peers for the review process to get a minimum of two comments to take an initial decision on the manuscript.

Reviewer Recommendations & Revisions

The reviewer may recommend any one of the following based on the analysis of the manuscript:

  1. Accept without any changes
  2. Accept with minor changes
  3. Accept with major changes (the article may be sent for second round of review process)
  4. Cannot be accepted/rejected

If the recommendation advised to make any changes in the article, then the author will be asked for correcting the article as per the reviewer guidelines and send a revised version of the manuscript to the editorial office for further evaluation.

Note: If the major portion of the articles needs to be revised, then the new version will be sent for another round of review process based on the necessity.

Final Decision

Based on the recommendations from the external reviewers, handling editor will take a decision on the manuscript and send the article for further processing. The handling editor is also empowered to take a decision with least consideration of reviewer recommendations. The editorial decision on the manuscript may include any one of the following based on the recommendations:

  1. Accept
  2. Revise
  3. Reject

Production & Publication

The publication of the manuscript depends on the editorial decision. The publication process will be initiated only for accepted articles after proper proof reading and copy editing. Once the production process is completed, the author will get a Galley Proof of the pre-publication format for the final check. After the final confirmation from the author, the final format of the article will be displayed in Articles in Press for immediate availability to the community and will be moved to the upcoming issue of the journal.