The Biomedica always thrives for the elimination of barriers in Open Access publication and provides a helpful hand to the authors with lack of funding. Thus, The Biomedica offers different membership programs to enable the funded authors and institutions to provide the world full of opportunities in Open Access model for fellow authors and help others who cannot afford the publication charges.

The Biomedica membership program is designed to extend the availability of research under Creative Commons Attribute License in one hand and in other, to encourage the authors from low income and lower middle income countries (as per World Bank statistics) to participate in Open Access publication model and to make a stand in the competitive world.


  • Members will get complete waiver on first two accepted articles in the calendar year of membership taken or per each year for long term membership. These articles will be published immediately after acceptance. The only condition is that the member should be the corresponding author of the publication.
  • Member will also get a maximum discount of 25% for all the consecutive articles till the end of membership period apart from the waived publications. The member need not be the corresponding author to avail the discount; however, the member must be one of the listed authors.
  • In case of membership taken by the Institutes/Organizations, all the articles from the same will get 50% discount on publication charges irrespective of author details.
  • Member or Institutes/Organization will be awarded with the “Certificate of Membership” program.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, registered member will be given with priority for future programs

Amount payable to receive the membership:

  • For individual membership: USD 1,000 per annum
  • For Institutional/Organizational membership: USD 3,000 per annum

For more details, drop us an e-mail at