Volume 1, Issue 1

Research Article | J Pharmacol Pharm Res. 2018;1(1):001 | Open Access

Comparison of Dose-Related Reference Ranges with Individual Psychotropic Drug Serum Concentrations in Clinical Practice - AGNP Consensus Guidelines 2011 and 2017

Gudrun Hefner, Martina Hahn, Maria Buenger and Sibylle C. Roll

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Research Article | J Pharmacol Pharm Res. 2018;1(1):002 | Open Access

Atorvastatin and Amyloid-Beta1-40 Promote Differential Gene Expression of Proteins Involved on Glutamatergic Transmission in the Cerebral Cortex and Hippocampus

Wagner Carbolin Martins, Carolina Heyse Niebisch, Cláudia B Nedel and Carla Inês Tasca

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Research Article | J Pharmacol Pharm Res. 2018;1(1):003 | Open Access

Environmental Contamination by Pharmaceutical Waste: Assessing Patterns of Disposing Unwanted Medications and Investigating the Factors Influencing Personal Disposal Choices

Heba Shaaban, Hajer Alghamdi, Nada Alhamed, Anhar Alziadi and Ahmed Mostafa

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Research Article | J Pharmacol Pharm Res. 2018;1(1):004 | Open Access

Renal Effects of Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria L.) Preparations and Metformin in Rats with the Disorders of Metabolism Induced by Protamine Sulphate and Atherogenic Diet

Tovchiga OV and Shtrygol’ SYu

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Research Article | J Pharmacol Pharm Res. 2018;1(1):005 | Open Access

Privet Leafhopper, Fieberiella florii Aqueous Extract Demonstrates In Vitro and In Vivo Neuromuscular Potentials in Mice and Chickens

Kale OE, Ogundare TF, Uyaiabasi NG, Oyekale KO, Walker O and Aderounmu AF

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