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Case Reports Journal is an international, online, open access, peer reviewed journal which publishes the case reports or case series or case studies or case histories in all the fields of medicine, clinical, allergy & immunology, anesthesiology, dermatology, dentistry and oral medicine, diabetology, emergency medicine and critical care, endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism, ent, family medicine and public health, forensic and legal medicine, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, hematology, infectious disease, internal medicine, neonatology, neurology, infertility, nephrology, nuclear medicine, nutrition and dietetics, neurological surgery, orthopedics & rheumatology, oncology, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, pathology, pain management, palliative care, otolaryngology, pulmonary disease, pediatrics, physiotherapy, pharmacology and therapeutics, preventive medicine, psychiatry, psychology, radiation oncology, physical medicine & rehabilitation, respiratory medicine, sexual health, sleep disorders & sleep studies, radiology, urology, vascular medicine, surgical, women′s health, etc. Case Reports Journal focuses on examination of significant general, new and rare cases demonstrating and advising the major guidelines and systematic reviews. It helps in conveying the best practices for better understanding of the cases leading to global health improvement for human wellbeing.

Case Reports Journal publishes case reports or case studies, case series, review articles, book reviews, briefs and advances, letter to the editor, case in images, clinical images, case blogs, etc., related to all diseases and disorders. Case Reports Journal accepts the authentic, informative and ethical manuscripts from global audience such as healthcare professionals, medical practitioners, surgeons, clinicians, researchers and trainees in different specializations providing a platform for sharing their expertise. Scientifically written articles with new ideas and perceptions showcase the quality of the work by reporting new and rare cases that increase the understanding of etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, medical and surgical management, clinico-pathologic correlations, medication, adverse effects of drugs etc.,

Case Reports Journal is aimed to publish the case reports for better understanding and publicize the important practice information, guidelines, methodology etc., in major fields. Case Reports Journal publishes case reports in the areas such as: Handling rare, challenging or new diseases, General disease explained in an unusual manner, An unusual disease masked as something usual, Elaborated studies of disease pathogenesis, diagnosis and/or control measures of novel diseases, Unreported associations or variances in disease processes, Teaching point based on an error, Cases challenging the well-known medical practices and New adverse effects of interference (Ex: Medical, Medicinal, or other).

Scope of the Case Reports Journal is to publish multidisciplinary case reports such as complicated, new, rare and regular cases but our aim is to deliver the important teaching concepts even if it is a simple or significant context of the case. These teaching points will provide an excellent opportunity to bring out the best practices of health care professionals worldwide.

Recently Published Articles

Case Report | Case Rep J. 2018;2(1):010 | Open Access

A Case of Neonatal Central Diabetes Insipidus in a Premature Infant - Challenges in Diagnosis and Management

Andrew Sng, Loke KY and Lim Y

  Abstract   PDF 
Case Report | Case Rep J. 2018;2(1):009 | Open Access

Case Reports of Single-Stage Techniques to Manage Heavily Encrusted Retained Ureteric Stents

Arianto Yuwono, Shieh-Ling Bang and Keng-Siang Png

  Abstract   PDF 
Case Report | Case Rep J. 2018;2(1):008 | Open Access

Ogilvie′s Syndrome Resistant to Medical and Endoscopic Management: A Case of the Black Cecum

George A Salem, Marcus A Toschi and William M Tierney

  Abstract   PDF 
Case Report | Case Rep J. 2018;2(1):007 | Open Access

Impact of Migration on Diet, Physical Activity, and Body Weight among International Students Moving from the Gulf Countries to the United States

Zainab Alyousif and Anne E Mathews

  Abstract   PDF 
Case Report | Case Rep J. 2018;2(1):006 | Open Access

Epithelioid Sarcoma of the Big Toe: A Case Report

Ghorbel I, M′Chirgui M, Abid A, Karra A and Ennouri K

  Abstract   PDF